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Americans have spent a lot of money on prescription drugs,especially the elderly population,due to the fact that our life span will increased and the cost of medication will also go up. Medical prescriptions can rob anybody out of their savings. Follow these process below and you will save money on medications.

1// If your Doctor insists on a brand name, ask why. If He/She does not give you a good explanation or your not convinced,go generic. Ask your Doctor if there is an over-the counter drug that could work as well as the prescription drug. Ask the Doctor and your Pharmacist if the generic drug is available, safe and effective. Inform your doctor and Pharmacist of any other medical condition that might affect your tolerance to a particular drug-or if your taking another drug that might interact with the newly generic or prescription drug.

2// Buy generic prescription drugs when possible. Generic are almost cheaper than brand-name drugs. They cost as much as 80% less than brand-name. When you buy over the counter-drugs, buy store-brands if possible. Some grocery store chains and pharmacies buy over-the-counter drugs in bulk and out their name on it. Read the label, and you may find that brand-name item and the store-brand are the same.

3// Always purchase single-ingredient over-the counter drugs instead of combination drugs. Buy a decongestant and an antihistamine separately rather than a cold medication that contains both. It's cheaper, and you may need one rather both.

4// Don't overbuy, just in case you have an adverse reaction with the generic drug. Buy only a two-to three-day supply of drugs. Most doctors often prescribe 10 days or more of a particular drug-even though you might have an adverse reaction after using it for a day or two.

* Most generic drugs may be slightly more or less potent than its brand-name counterpart. If you have a chronic heart problem or another ailment that requires a very precise level of medication in the bloodstream, be sure to ask you Doctor, is switching to generic drug is safe.