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Cellulite is formed with the hormone controlled sex-specific structure of the female body. Cellulite is normally resistant to any form of treatment. The best way of battling with cellulite is to prevent its formation.

Diet, exercise and cosmetic treatment are used to prevent cellulite from growing. A person's diet should balance between her calorie need and calorie input. Drastic dieting to reduce weight encourages the body processes and metabolism to slow down. When a normal weight or desired weight is reached, maintain a diet to restrict the volume of the fat tissues. To reduce cellulite, eat less carbohydrates and fats. Take protein for the bulk of your meals.

Exercise improves the muscular and tissue structure. Exercise also increases blood and lymph flow. This prevents the tissue blockage that leads to the formation of cellulite. However, exercise cannot totally remove cellulite.

Cosmetic treatment is the mechanical removal of cellulite. This involves the process of using a suction pump massage (SPM) to massage the skin. This stimulates lymphatic flow, which in turn encourages drainage and results in the removal of metabolic waste products. The suction pressure causes thermal action between the fat cells. This helps to break down the fat deposits. When this treatment is effective, you'll experience warmth in your skin. The skin also begins to redden. To compress the fat cells, body wrapping is used after the SPM treatment. This body wrap helps to contour the body. The warp is so effective that it compresses the fat cells. This is not scientifically proven to treat cellulite.

After your cellulite reduction treatment, your skin should become smooth and lose its former cellulite loaded orange peel look. Your skin will also become more elastic, moist and warm. Internally, your metabolic rate will increase slightly. The temperature of the skin will also therefore increase.

For all the methods of reducing cellulite, diet and exercise are the most important. If you change your diet and exercise regularly, you will keep a check on the cellulite.