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Tired of working at a job just to keep the roof over your head? Want to live a more passionate life doing what you love? Then listen up!

The first step to living your dreams may be seen to some people as a little out of the ordinary. It's de-cluttering. Yep. Cleaning out the old clutter whether it is in your garage or your attic. This is actually an exercise in focus and clarity. The new space you have will create order in which to manifest your dream in a newly organized setting. As you do the actual physical work, your mind starts the training to bring the dream to a reality. It "knows" your doing this to prepare to live your passions.

Next you must find your passion. If you already know your passion, well then you are ahead of the game and can skip this step. But if you feel you have lost your passion or do not know what it is or where to look for it, then you need to polish up those observation skills so it can reveal itself to you. Collecting pictures out of magazines is a great way to do this, ask a library for some of their old ones. Make a note of what commercials on TV or in print you like the most. What movies do you watch and why do you watch them? The clues are everywhere. What do the clues say about what you like to do? What can you do for hours and not notice that hours have passed?

Now create a list of dreams and goals. Be as outrageous as you want to be. Then look at each one and ask yourself, which are you more committed to doing? Living the dream and achieving this goal? Or leading your life the way it is now? If the answer is the latter, then cross the dream off your list because you may not be ready for it yet... pick a different one.

Next recognize that here may be some obstacles in your way.. Most people think time and money are the biggest ones. Not true although they are both valid concerns. The biggest blocks to overcome are your old "tapes," .... you know the ones.. the limiting beliefs, doubts and fears. So you must find a way around them or through them. A great visual that can be of tremendous value is to picture the belief or fear as a tangible object, say a wall, in front of you. Now if you like to get physical, imagine taking a sledgehammer to it and knocking the wall down. Or you can simply add a door to it and walk through it.

This next step takes some serious action. Now you will begin to break the dream down into small goals and projects. It is best to work backward from your goal and develop a timetable in which tasks need to be completed in order to achieve the goals. Put a date by which each must be accomplished, then schedule the tasks into your life. Is there anyone who can help you do any of the tasks? Often any research that needs to be done can be done by a librarian or a friend who loves to surf the internet. Share your dreams and goals with others, but do be prepared for the naysayers who, because of their own lack of vision, will try to shut your dream down along with their own. You will learn quickly who your biggest supporters are and who will siphon energy off your dream. Steer clear of the latter in the future.

Finally, get to work.