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Many people link perfect abs with having the perfect body. They think without a six-pack to show off on the beach and in the gym, they aren't in good shape. Having strong abdominal muscles are important. But you want to have a good abdomen that is flat and that can keep all your vital inner organs in their proper places. Your abdomen keeps your spine in place and helps your body to bend over and twist around from side to side. Here are some good exercises to build the perfect abs.

Crunches. Lie on the floor on your back. Bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head. Contract your ab muscles and push your pelvis upward. Then, lift your head and shoulders off the floor three to six inches. Concentrate on strengthening your ab muscles.
Sit ups. Lie on the floor on your back. Bend your knees at an angle at which your feet can remain flat on the floor. Put your hands behind your head and sit up. Do these exercises at a slow pace, so you work your abs. When you lower yourself to your starting position, do so slowly, as well.
Twists. Stand up straight with your feet apart. Hold a mopstick or broomstick behind your neck. While keeping your hips forward, twist your midsection from side to side.
Dumbbell bends. Hold a dumbbell with the weight of your choice (perhaps five or 10 pounds), in one of your hands. Stand up straight with your feet apart and the hand that is not holding the dumbbell behind your head. Bend down to the side that is opposite to the one holding the dumbbell. Then alternate sides.
Sitting V Holds. Sit up straight on the floor with your legs slightly bent in front of you. Hold your arms out to the side. Lift your legs as high as you can and hold them there for about 15 seconds. Then lower them to the floor. Do this exercise several times. You can put your hands on the floor behind you if you must.

These exercises will give you the abs your body wants and needs to have to reach an ideal level of fitness. The object of them is to build your rectus abdominis, obliques, transversus, and quadratus muscles. If you do the above exercises regularly, youÆll build these muscles to the proper level of fitness and keep them there.