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Women and men alike try to fight balding. Most people at some point in their lives will look in the mirror and be concerned about the decreasing number of hairs on their heads. Balding is perfectly normal, but societal demands pressure us into trying to fight it. And more and more health care product companies are coming up with new ways for us to try to fight balding and regain lost hair. But is there anything you can truly do to fight balding?

Toupee. You can get a toupee or a wig for your head. This is a temporary cure that looks as if you actually have hair. Another option is to actually bolt the toupee or whig to your head. This procedure can be done for a few thousand dollars.
Minoxidil. This is a product that has come on the market that is proven to keep you from losing more hair. It also claims the ability to grow hair, but it doesn't work for everybody. If your hair is thinning, minoxidil doesn't have an incredible effect on its group. You'll grow baby blond hairs that may disappear in a few days.
Hair transplant. This is the only real technological way to regrow hair. Doctors can plant hair plugs in your head, and they'll grow. They can also transplant micrografts on your head in staggering patterns that actually make it look as if it's natural. This procedure is generally more difficult, takes longer, and is more expensive, however.
A scalp flap. You can get a scalp flap that is basically a chunk of scalp that is removed from somewhere else on your body, typically the back of your head, and moved to the front of your head at the spot where your hairline is receding. This surgery is also expensive and can be risky. But it is a way to grow hundreds of new hairs in a single spot in a short period of time.