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Anger Management 
Anger is a mental and emotional state of mind. Anger is a retaliation of your dissatisfaction. The seat of your anger is deep within yourself. Nothing or nobody has the ability to arouse your anger if you disallow it. You can dismiss anger away. However, if you do feel anger but suppress it, then it can wreck your blood pressure or give you ugly consequences.

Holding back on anger may deceptively give others the impression that you may be a sucker or a coward. Acting out your anger is damaging. You also lose your dignity. So if you can't keep in anger and you can't throw it out, then what can you do?

You can re-direct your anger. Don't focus on another as the object of your anger. It is your own doing that you got worked up to such a state. Simmer down and recognize that you are agitated by your own temper. Express your anger at yourself. Preferably just verbally. The person who ignited your ire will give you credit for taking control of the situation so graciously. Hopefully, h/she is more likely to feel ashamed and make amendments to atone for his/her sins.

Positive expression of anger can actually work for you. Negatives like flying off the handle can make relationships fly through the window. Make your opinions count. Express yourself rationally. If your behavior is irrational, then your opinions won't get past your breathlessness.

For every ping, there is a pong. Action begets reaction. If you're going to give an eye for an eye, then pretty soon you'll run out of eyes and teeth to give away.

Positive anger management is learning from every situation. Come out a wiser person. There's no beauty in a toothless grin.