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Beauty is only skin deep. Yet, fortunes are made selling anti-aging drugs, creams, Hormone Replacement Therapies, cosmetic surgeries, beauty creams, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As life-spans are prolonged with the help of medical science, there's an upsurge need for healthcare and services for the elderly. Since you can't defy aging nor are you happy joining the Aged Club, the next best thing is to Age Gracefully.

This involves slowing down the aging process. Start young. Aging gracefully is an investment. Fight off wrinkles and ailing health starting from today.

Eat fresh. Greens and fruits provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to boost your body's immune system.

Grow your own green fingers. Grow a garden for healthy, organic greens. Gardening is good for your health. You get exercise, fresh air and sunshine.

Go for the great outdoors. Nature rambles are good for fresh, oxygenated air.

Reduce stress to lessen the strain on your nervous system. It's good for mental health.

Adopt a pet. You'll be saving a life. Pet therapy produces good emotions which increase the endorphins in the body. Your immune system gets a boost.

Meditate or pray for inner peace and serenity. The healing power of prayer is both psychological and physiological. This works on the same principles as Pet Therapy.

Forgive and forget. This reduces stress. Practice positive anger management.

Think positive. If you go around with a frown, it may become a permanent feature on your face. Be thankful for what you have and don't envy what you don't.

Commit to exercise daily. This improves blood circulation.

Bottoms up for water and non-alcoholic fluids. Reduce stress on your liver and kidney.

Go natural. Try herbal and alternative medicines for minor ailments. Drugs tend to overload your body with chemical reactions.

If this is too cumbersome to follow, just remember that clean living and peace of mind helps you to age gracefully into the twilight years. You'll have less healthcare costs and thus less stress on money matters. This is graceful retirement. This is The Life!