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Why do some sleepers snore while others don't? Snoring is a very personal trait. It pertains to the physical composition of the person. Snoring is caused by the vibrations of the soft tissues inside the throat. Vibrations occur because of 3 reasons. Weak muscles, obstruction to the airway and obstructed nasal breathing all cause snoring.

For a diagnosis, consult your family physician or ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist.One can also help oneself by trying some simple steps to neutralize the factors that cause snoring.

1)Avoid consuming alcohol, antihistamine and sleeping pills before bedtime. These are muscle relaxants which will weaken the throat muscles and cause snoring.

2)Quit smoking. Smokers have swollen mucous membranes which narrow the airway and cause snoring.

3)Overweight people can try to slim down.This reduces the size of the throat tissue obstructing the airway.Smaller throat tissue give less vibrating sounds.

4)Use a flat pillow for your head rest. A thick pillow bends the neck and restricts air passage which causes snoring.

5)Check with an allergist doctor to find out if you are allergic to certain materials in your pillow. Allergy may cause difficulty in breathing and hence the snoring. Try substituting a synthetic pillow if you're using a feather one.

6)consult your dentist about using an orthodontic aid to hold your tongue while sleeping. An immobile tongue may eliminate snoring.

7)Sleeping sideways may stop snoring.Try it. It's also good for airing your back.

8)Your ENT specialist may recommend surgery to remove excess tissue in the airway.

It's embarrassing to be told that we snore.Now, there are ways to overcome snoring and be embarrassed no more!