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Raynaud's phenomenon is sometimes called Raynaud's syndrome or disease. It is a disorder of blood circulation in the fingers. It is aggavated by cold exposure. This disorder is often called "white finger, wax finger, or dead finger." Due to the fact that exposure to the cold reduces blood circulation causing the fingers to turn a pale waxy-white.
Typical attacks occur with tingling and slight loss of feelings or numbness in the fingers.
Blanching or whitening in the fingers.
Pain and sometimes redness,which accompanies the return of blood circulation sometimes after 30 minutes to two hours.
As the syndrome gets worse, the attacks will become stronger and more frequent.
Certain diseases or injuries.
Vibrations from power tools, such as hand-held power tools, chain saws, jackhammers and pneumatic rock drillers and chippers.
Frostbite injuries.
There are several lab tests that can help determine if a person has Raynaud's Phenomenon. These tests measure the sensitivity or blood flow in the finger, especially under cooling conditions.
With mild cases that are vibration-induced, you may recover if the hazard that caused it is avoided.
For the more severe cases, medication may be prescribed to reduce the attacks of white finger.
Avoid further exposure to vibration and wear extra clothing t maintain body temperature as well as gloves to keep the hands and fingers warm.
Protect the body from cold exposure, including cold water.
Protect the hands from injuries.
Avoid nicotine, as this can cause poor circulation.
Dress warmly and wear gloves.