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No woman is safe from osteoporosis. It's a disease causing brittle bones accompanied by disfigurement and pain. Fortunately, it is preventable with early precautions. Treatment is also available for sufferers. Osteoporosis is a silent disease because it progresses painlessly until a bone is broken. Aging produces more bone loss than bone growth. Osteoporosis is like accelerated aging in the bone. Old bones don't mend easily. The brittle bones are highly susceptible to fractures and fatal complications.

There are high costs of human life in hospitalization, dependent long term care, depression, physical handicap and failed rehabilitation. Women are in the high risk gender fated for osteoporosis. Contributing factors of osteoporosis are hereditary, gender, race, bone structure, estrogen deficiency, medications leading to bone loss,smoking, drinking, low calcium intake and insufficient exercise.

If you have a weak gene for brittle bones, the risks of your getting osteoporosis is very high. Women, by gender, have lighter bones and also lose bone mass upon menopause. Women who are either Asians or Whites have lower bone density and thus are potential victims of osteoporosis.Women with small bone structure have lighter bones and need to take preventive measures against osteoporosis starting from adulthood. This is when bone's remodeling growth slows down and bone strength diminishes with age. Menopause means estrogen deficiency for the woman. Estrogen is the female hormone protecting against rapid bone thinning. Your doctor should inform you if your medications give you accelerated bone loss.

Osteoporosis can be prevented by changes or modifications in your lifestyle. Get on the bandwagon to quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking is harmful three fold. Smoke interferes with your body's absorption of calcium, neutralizes estrogen's protection over bones and accelerates onset of menopause. Briefly put, smoke ages you in triple doses.

Think calcium, eat calcium. Learn to love tofu, tinned sardines and salmon and dark green leafy vegetables. Dairy produce and calcium enhanced foods are good calcium replenishments for bone.

Exercise is the best preventive medicine for every ill. Strangely enough, exercise encourages bone growth.

For osteoporosis sufferers, there are therapeutic medications to help. Consult your physician. All women are strongly urged to undergo the bone mineral density test to screen for osteoporosis risks. You can arrest this disease by your lifestyle modifications and therapeutic medications. Don't wait for a fall to tell you that you have osteoporosis.