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ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a disorder that causes children to be hyperactive. It can cause strain on families, friends, and to the child.

It's important to carefully spot ADHD as early as you can in order to help your child to treat and recover from the disorders. If you suspect your child has ADHD, you should take your child to an expert, so your child can be administered IQ, emotional, and an attention test to find out if in fact your child has ADHD. Here are some drugs that are used to help kids with ADHD.

The main drug used to fight ADHD is called Ritalin. Physicians over time have realized that drugs are the best treatment for ADHD. It was once thought that therapy would be the best way to cure a child of ADHD, but when that wasn't working in most cases, it was determined that drugs should be used.

Ritalin stimulates the child's brain to allow the child to stop and think before he acts. When a child has ADHD, he is often hyperactive and many times interrupts others who are speaking, not because he doesn't know that that's not appropriate behavior, but because he can't stop himself. Ritalin energizes the self-control mechanism in the child's brain so that the child can stop and think at least a little bit before he acts. Ritalin also helps a child be a little less restless and a little better controlled.

Because Ritalin is really the only respected choice for kids with ADHD, it's important for parents to be familiar with the side effects before they allow their kids to be prescribed to the drug. They can cause children to lose a bit of their appetite over the noon hours and it is likely that your child will lose a few pounds. In some cases children on Ritalin end up losing quite a bit of weight and require more medication.

Now, many other medication options exist. In addition to ritalin, adderall, and concerta can be used to treat ADHD.