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First of all, if you have any feeling that you might be clinically depressed, seek professional advice. This article is written for those who are just feeling a little down in the dumps or just plain "blah". There are numerous things you can do to combat these icky moods.

Start by admitting your feelings to yourself. Some people go through life showing people how happy they are that when they feel somewhat less than happy they might not know how to act. Some might even wonder if people would accept them at all if they are anything less than chipper. Once you have recognized your demise, determine why you feel this way. You cannot eliminate a negative influence until it has been identified.

After the cause has been determined, plan some hush time each day to relax and treat yourself well. Simply put, slow down and get away from as many stresses as possible. By doing quiet activities like reading or gardening, your body can begin to listen to your mind and the two can make amends.

Then find someone you can talk to. You might think this sounds cliche, but is you can get some feelings out in the open, there is less to think about in your own brain. Choose someone with a fairly positive attitude. A grump is not going to the "pep talk" you need. Even if the "pep talk" falls short, a good listener will go a long way to breaking you out of your rut.

The most important part of getting out of your rut is to get regular exercise. Studies have shown that the best way to conquer depression is to get moving. The hormones released during aerobic activity are the ones which counteract the hormones prevalent during depression, even very mild depression. These hormones are sometimes even called "feel good" hormones. To get maximum benefits from your movement, make sure you are doing aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes. Do things that you enjoy. If you can't stand to be in the gym on the stairmaster during this warmer spring weather, go outside and walk, run, bike or rollerblade. The key is to get moving.

Whatever you do to to relieve this depression you are feeling, don't turn to alcohol or drugs. This can lead to much more serious problems. Just concentrate on being good to yourself by doing the things listed above as well as getting plenty of rest and eating a healthy diet.