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Millions of Americans suffer from fatigue and a lack of energy. Many times there are easy solutions to these problems. For some the solution might be as simple as drinking more water.
Many people who go home from work to sit and watch TV until it’s time to go to bed. Exercise actually boosts your energy. Although it seems like you might not have enough energy to get off the couch and go for a walk, it is essential to break your fatigue cycle. You need to challenge your body for it to adapt to the “ball of fire” you long to become. Moderate exercise such as walking for one hour, four to five times each week will offer the benefits of increased stamina. Remember also that stretching is a form of exercise. Improving flexibility not only allows for ease of movement, but also moves blood and lymph throughout the body preventing stagnation.
The fuel you put in your car has an effect on the way it drives. The same is true of the “fuel” you put into your body. You should eat food that optimizes your mood. If you want to be alert, consume foods that are low in fat and contain some protein. Fruits and vegetables are essentially mood-neutral, so have as many of these as you like (except for starchy foods like potatoes). Some doctors are beginning to believe that eating five or six small meals a day is much better than eating three large meals a day. This helps maintain your blood sugar and energy at a more even level. Sugar is another energy zapper. Many people find that reducing the amount of sugar consumed gives them a tremendous boost of energy. Avoid caffeine, aspartame and alcohol as much as possible. These are known to cause fatigue in some people. Try cutting these out for a couple weeks and see how you feel. Probably the most important aspect of nutrition is water. Most people do not get the recommended 64 ounces per day. If you are not getting enough, your body will not detoxify properly and you’ll feel run down. All of those times in the afternoon when you feel like you need a soda or a coffee kick, you are probably just mildly dehydrated.
This one you will love: be a napper. Some of the greatest minds in all of history took naps. Einstein and DaVinci knew how to maintain the energy required to accomplish great things. Ten or fifteen minute naps in the mid-afternoon may be a welcome boost to both the body and intellect. You may be a “night person” while you spouse is a “morning person”. Find your own rhythm and plan activities around this clock. If you think best in the morning, schedule difficult tasks (for me balancing the checkbook) for this time of day.
There are several stress management techniques that are also energy boosters. First, get things off of your chest. Emotional distress can sap your energy faster than almost anything else. Deep breathing is also helpful to boost your stamina. These breaths should originate in the abdomen. As you do this visualize the oxygen energizing your entire body.
Steal energy from other people. Being around others (assuming they are not chronic pessimists) is energizing. One of the critical elements left out of many health-related books is the importance of fun and play. These things stimulate laughter. It is amazing how energizing laughter can be. Laughter reduces stress hormone levels, increased immune function, improves circulation, and activated certain muscle groups as though they had been through ad exercise session. While you are at it, you might as well be laughing outside in the fresh air. Fresh air can be enormously invigorating.