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Chronic sinusitis problems can be caused by allergies, smoking, fumes, smells and constant bacterial or viral infections. Usually the root cause of all of these is a deficient immune system. Any sinus infection needs to be treated aggressively as it could progress to the brain and cause meningitis. Here are the best natural cures using food, vitamins and herbs that can stave off infections and help build the immune system. Check with your doctor before taking any supplements.

Vitamin C with bioflavanoids and rutin first and foremost is the biggest deterrent to a sinus infection. Daily doses of 3,000 to 6,000 mg is the recommended dose for chronic sinusitis. You will know if you are receiving enough Vitamin C based on the color of your urine. If it is bright yellow, then you can be sure you're getting enough. Try a time-released capsule for adequate amounts throughout the day.

Astragalus, a Chinese herb, is best taken in tincture form. It supports the deep immune system and helps build it back up. Forty drops in an herbal tea is the recommended dose. Many Chinese families make a large pot of this tea every morning during the fall and winter months and everyone drinks it to prevent illness in their families.

If you do have a lot of congestion and coughing from the drainage of a sinus infection, use a Mullein tincture (again 40 drops). It helps loosen congestion and soothes irritating coughs. This tincture can also be used during cold and flu season.

The water you drink has a lot to do with the health of your mucus membranes. Purified or distilled water is best if you suffer from chronic sinusitis or even allergies. There are far too many impurities in tap water these days and many of them compromise our immune systems with viruses and parasites. Drink distilled water and take a mineral supplement everyday, or drink distilled with the electrolytes added in. Drink PLENTY of water, too. This will help thin out secretions from the sinuses, preventing them from clogging with thick green mucus.

Warm compresses over the eyes and cheeks help relieve sinus pressure and start the drainage. Apply every 15 minutes either until you start sneezing or grabbing for a tissue every 5 seconds.

Oregano acts as an antiseptic and is helpful in most types of infections. You can add the herb to your morning tea. It will taste a little spicier than normal.

Cayenne pepper will open up your sinuses almost instantly. So if you love hot and spicy foods, indulge and feel better!

Have regular checkups with the dentist as any infections of the mouth can spread to the sinuses. Pouring hydrogen peroxide over your toothbrush everytime you brush prevents tooth infections. Rinse well; don't swallow.

If you plan on doing traveling that will lead you to different elevations, it is important that you are diligent about taking the recommended dose of Vitamin C for sinusitis. Chances are you will feel some effects in your sinuses, but that doesn't mean an infection has to occur.

Eating more raw fruits and vegetables, lowering your red meat and dairy product intake will also have a dramatic effect on the health of your sinuses.

In all of these recommendations, please check with your doctor before going off any prescribed medication. You may want to taper off slowly until you can be sure you no longer need the medication.