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Overcoming ADHD
ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Some of the signs and symptom are :


*easily distracted, can't pay attention

*can't concentrate or follow instructions

*Changes his activity continuously

*Can't play alone


*interruptive in his behavior

*often engaged in dangerous play

Diagnosis is done by a qualified expert such as a child psychiatrist/ psychologist or pediatrician.

There's no cure for ADHD. Treatment involves stimulant drugs to relieve the symptoms of ADHD. Research shows that heavy long term benefits of medication are very limited. Parents must be advised on the side-effects of the medication. However, the doctor can advise on the choices available to counter side-effects.

Its useful to know some behavior strategies to cope with ADHD children. Firstly, good behavior management techniques are necessary.Make rules for the child to follow. The rules must have consequences to encourage the positive behavior.

Reward the child. ADHD children respond better to positive reinforcement like rewards and praise.

Enforce time out for disobedient behavior. This time is used for calming down and not as punishment.

If you must scold, do it gently to encourage him.

It takes tons of patience and loads of trials but the reward of a socially adjusted ADHD child is very satisfying.