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There are many new alternative methods to fighting cancer. Medical science destroys the cancer, but also destroys the immune system. This article will discuss new alternate methods of treating cancer- these methods have little or no toxicity. Do not try to take any supplements without prior discussion with your cancer doctor.
IP6 inhibits cancers. Experiments on the anti-cancer action of IP6 and inositol have been shown all over the world and have had some amazing results. IP6 does not seem to care what type of cancer it is. The common hypothesis is that tumors have a common defect of uncontrolled cell proliferation. IP6 is a key regulator of cell growth and brings everything back into check.
MGN3 is a blend of mushrooms and rice bran that causes the immune system to basically wake up. The blend has been shown to increase the activity of natural killer cells to up to 300 percent. T-cell activity increased by 200 percent and B cell activity increased by 250 percent.
What does this mean for cancer patients? This means that the body will start to fight the body and go after the cancer. The natural killer cells want to fight cancers. When they get activated they are going to find and destroy the cancer cells. Several studies have shown that MGN3 has the ability to alone put cancer in remission.
Another natural product getting a lot of attention is transfer factors. Transfer factors are small materials produced by animals with strong immune systems. Their role is to transfer immunity between cells and thereby assist in educating immune cells about potential dangers.
Transfer factors tell the body to look out for cancers and viral diseases. Like MGN3, transfer factors have the ability to raise natural killer cell activity very high. This product basically teaches the body to fight on its own.
These treatments seem to make cancer have a new enemy-the own body it's attacking. If the immune system can be trained to fight cancer, treating cancer will become a whole lot more effective.