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Wrinkles are caused by chronological aging and photoaging. The first type of aging can't be helped as it is due to time and individual genetic make-up. Photoaging is caused by the sun. You can prevent this by protecting yourself from the sun. Sunlight has infrared and ultraviolet A and B rays.

The most harmful ray is ultaviolet A or UVA rays which penetrate collagen and elastin. This will cause wrinkles and sagging skin as these two components of skin become destroyed. Ultraviolet B or UVB rays cause sunburn which consequently exposes you to higher risk of getting skin cancer. The lesser evil is the infrared rays. They damage the skin less severely than UVA or UVB.

Protect yourself from the sun by using a sunscreen. Most people are unaware that UVA is so powerful that it passes through glass. Virtually everybody has to use sunscreen as long as they are exposed to sunlight outdoors or indoors. Choose a sunscreen that offers maximum protection. The ones that boast of " broad spectrum " work to block your skin against a wide spectrum of rays ranging from UVB to UVA.

Since you're wearing sunscreen, it is worthwhile to pay a little extra for additional supplements like vitamins C and E in the sunscreen. These vitamins are antioxidants which neutralize the bad free-radicals which age skin. Aging causes a lower level of hormones which causes drier skin that looks patched. Moisturizers are temporary solutions to smoothen this wrinkled skin. A better solution is to use moisturizers enhanced with humectants. These help the skin retain moisture. For severe cases of wrinkles, dermatologists may inject to smoothen wrinkles.

You can also use emollients. They contain oil to form a waterproof layer on your skin to trap the moisture.

If your skin is dry and dull, you may consider using alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). These are derived from food or fruit acids. They work to exfoliate skin so that the smoother skin underneath surfaces.

Every woman's nightmare is crow feet wrinkles around the eyes. Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses outdoors. Avoid walking in the sun. Carry your umbrella at all times. Even a few minutes of sun-tanning can burn you into a darker shade. Try to stay indoors between 11 am to 3 p.m. , when the sun's rays are the most damaging to skin. Limit your outdoor activities to a minimum.

Skin also wrinkles because of sagging. Skin loses elasticity as you age. Gravity also works to pull your skin down, causing a sagging look. If you look tired and need a fast effective relief for a date, try using " face lift " creams. These tighten skin to temporary lift it up. There are many commercial brand names available at your pharmacy. Skin creams with retinoic acid will tighten skin and fight wrinkles. The down side is that you need to use this acid consistently for a year for results to show. Your best bet yet is to avoid wrinkles.