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Although many people believe that premature facial wrinkles and sagging skin only come with age, there are many different factors that cause this condition. The facial wrinkles that occur naturally with advancing age tend to appear at younger ages when the skin has been exposed to harsh sun rays and such body pollutants as smoking or continued bouts of illness.

Most people do not realize that sunlight reflected off water, sand and snow, or even passing through clouds on an overcast day can be as harmful to their skin as direct sunlight. This causes the elastin and collagen fibers to deteriorate making skin less flexible. Oil and sweat glands become less active when this happens and this makes the skin drier. This can also cause fat under the skin to shrink which causes sagging of the skin. In most cases the age when wrinkles appear will vary since this has much to do with heredity. Fair skinned people tend to wrinkle sooner than people with darker complexions.

The first wrinkles begin appearing around the eyes, on the upper lip and on the neck. The skin can be lubricated with cosmetic creams, which will give a superficial and temporary effect. Wrinkles can be removed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists using cosmetic surgery, chemical peeling or injections of augmenting materials beneath the skin, which has a longer lasting effect. But all of these treatments involve risk.

To delay the formation of wrinkles you should become aware of staying out of the sun as much as possible. If you must be in the sun, always use a sun screen. Avoid smoking since it has been linked to premature wrinkles since it lessens circulation to surface capillaries. Stress is another factor linked to wrinkles since it causes a person to habitually contract facial muscles. Try to think about your face several times a day and totally relax all your facial muscles. Make it a habit to become aware of frowning so you habitually smooth out your wrinkled forehead. Crow's feet, which are wrinkles in the corners of your eyes, can be prevented by becoming aware of times when you are squinting. If you tend to squint a lot have your eyes checked to be sure your vision is correct and always wear sunglasses when you are outside. Try to keep your hands away from your face since rubbing your eyes or sitting with your chin on your hand tends to push the face out of its natural position and stretches delicate skin. Be aware that constant weight gain or loss can cause the skin to sag, as can improper dental hygiene. Spend 15 minutes each morning and evening exercising the muscles in your face. When putting on creams or make up always lightly stroke it upward onto your neck and face. Since exposure of the skin releases free radicals that cause damage take oral supplements of 1000 milligrams vitamin C three times a day and 400 IU of vitamin E twice a day as antioxidants to protect your skin.