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Skin pigmentation and geographic location can be the deciding factor in the amount of sun exposure needed to produce sunburn. Other factors would include the season, time of day and weather conditions. Over exposure to the sun creates a reddening inflammation of the skins outer layers. A mild case of sunburn will produce pink reddish skin, small blisters and skin that is hot to the touch while a sever case produces chills, fever and purple patches of skin. The sun's ultraviolet rays are absorbed by a skin pigment known as Melanin which is also the bodies nature defense against sunburn.
Although supplements cannot prevent sunburn, when taken orally or applied to the skin they can alleviate the discomfort and damage. The best know aid for sunburn is aloe vera. When often applied directly to the burn the clear gel found in the leaves will sooth the burn and aid with healing. Regular tea is another treatment for sunburn that works. Make a strong tea solution and allow to cool. Sponge the tea over the area and allow to dry. Lavender oil and chamomile oil added to a cool bath will speed healing. Flaxseed oil and vitamin E oil should be applied directly to the burn to reduce inflammation and prevent scarring.
Bathing the sunburn in a water and baking soda solution will relieve the discomfort. A recent study made by scientist in Germany has shown that taking a combination of vitamin C and E can reduce the bodies reaction to sunburn. For sunburned eyes use a poultice of grated apple and drink lemon water. Vitamin D can reduce the toxic effects of sunburn and may aid victims of sunstroke. Plantain leaves mixed with lanolin will aid sunburn and help reverse skin wrinkling cause by over exposure.