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The most popular use for rosewood is in the perfume industry. The are countless perfumes that claim rosewood as one its ingredients. Rosewood is used constantly in skin products. The reason for its use is rosewood is very relaxing when applied to the skin.

Rosewood grows in tropical climates. It is an evergreen tree with reddish bark and heartwood and yellow flowers. It can mainly be found in Brazil and Peru. Its oil is extracted from heartwood chips, by steam distillation. When combined with other oils it’s used as a base. It gives off a warm, spicy and woody aroma.

Rosewood has been used throughout the years, mainly in perfumes; just recently it has been introduced in today’s aromatherapy. In Brazil, the Amazon Indians use it in the healing of wounds and for skin inflammations. The wood was used by the French in cabinet making, and for utensils. The Japanese also use rosewood to make chopsticks.

In aromatherapy, it is used to boost the immune system and it helps the body fight viruses. It also helps cells and tissue regenerate. It is useful in relieving headaches; it is good for jetlag also. Rosewood is also uplifting and reviving to the senses. It is used in meditations, because it is a good oil to burn that relaxes without causing drowsiness.

There are many useful aspects of rosewood, when using remember its use continues to contribute to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, where rosewood grows. Use it sparingly and wisely.