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Rose hips have many uses, they are used to prepare teas, extracts, purees and marmalades.

Rose hips come from the Dogwood tree, they are ready in the fall, after the blooms and petals have fallen off.

Rose hips are very high in vitamin C, which makes them a prized possession for strengthening the immune system, which helps prevent colds and different forms of the flu.

Rose hips can be prepared in various ways.

To prepare as tea:

Pour one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of dried crushed rose hips. Steep this mixture for ten minutes, then strain. Drink one cup three times daily.

To prepare as a wine:

Remove the seeds from four ounces of dried rose hips and steep the hulls in one quart of dry wine. Let stand for two weeks. Strain. Drink a small glass of wine daily.

To prepare as raw pulp:

Food processors work best for this preparation. Blend the hulls into a puree and press the pulp through a sieve. This can be eaten raw or uses to make jellies.

To prepare cooked pulp:

Steep the hulls of rose hip about twenty-four hours in water. Bring the water and hulls to a boil, and then simmer for thirty minutes. This can be eating as is or added to sauces.

To store pulp, freeze it small quantity.

Since rose hips are high in vitamin C, it only takes one tablespoon to satisfy the daily allowance needed for adults.