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Remedies of all kinds have been passed down through the ages and even today there are a few that people swear by. If you have an interest in ancient cures, after careful examination and extended use of many of these remedies, the following have been found to work on the condition as given.

Cherries help eliminate acid in the body and ease knuckle bumps.
Black cherry juice relieves gout.
One bulb garlic eaten daily is a good treatment for colds and hacking coughs.
Horseradish mixed with honey will alleviate hoarseness.
Warm salt water sniffed through the nose will clear the sinus cavities.
Warm salt water, gargled, will ease a sore throat.
A paste make of crushed fresh strawberries can whiten your teeth.
To relieve hyper-ventilation, breath into a paper bag.
Cucumber slices applied to the eyes will relieve eye tension and remove redness.
Oil of cloves will relieve tooth pain.
A teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water will relieve indigestion.

To take gas properties out of your beans, pour off the water you have soaked them in and add fresh water before cooking.
In addition, cooking a whole onion with beans will alleviate gas properties.
Catnip tea relieves gas and heartburn.
Sage tea improves concentration.
Aloe vera relieves burns.
Caster oil or cod liver oil added to your plants will perk up even the puniest ones.
Garlic is a very effective treatment for worms.
Citronella repels mosquitoes.
Grated apple applied to sunburned eyes will stop the pain.
Cornstarch will dry up heat rash.
Warm milk relaxes you and helps you sleep.