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Plants provide us with oxygen in the day and freshen up the air as well as beautifying the environment. Plants can be used as a form of pet therapy as they have therapeutic value. In the United States, horticultural therapy is used to help the disabled and patients of mental illnesses. This is because gardening or caring forĀ a pet plant can reduce stress. The heart beat slows, breathing improves and all this over-rides us with calmness. This makes plants the ideal desk pet for management at work.

You can start your plant therapy with a single plant in a small pot placed at your desk or at a corner of your office. If you work a 5 day week and don't want to bring home your plant for the weekend, choose a hardy plant. That way, it can endureĀ  a thirsty weekend before its next drink of water on Monday. are good indoor plants. So are cacti. You can get ideas for decorating your pots and potted plants at nurseries or from horticulture books and web-sites. If you like, your plant can be dressed up according to the colors and ornaments of the festive seasons to cheer you up in the office. Hang your decorative ornaments on your plant just like you would on a Christmas tree.

Plants are an addiction. They grow on you. The more you potter around them, the more you'll enjoy taking care of them. Seeing the plant grow may inject you with fresh energy and vitality. It is also satisfying to see the fruit of your labor flourishing under your green fingers.

Plants help to remove stress by giving you an outlet for you to vent your anger and frustrations. You can talk to your plant to let off steam without hurting anybody. If you feel like pulling your hair in frustration, try pulling off the weeds or dead leaves off your pet plant. The repetitive actions of weeding burns off your nervous energy and leaves you calmer and more able to cope with your life.

You may want to graduate to cultivating plants at home in the house, or in your garden. Gardening is an exercise that's enjoyable, mentally stimulating and fruitful too, if you grow flowering plants or fruit trees.

Active gardening like digging and weeding provides healthy exercise to burn off calories and keep chronic diseases at bay. When you learn to handle the frustrations of gardening like weather changes, plant diseases, weeds and insects, you are actually building your own strength and confidence to handle the stressful conditions in daily life too.

Plants require daily routine care like watering, sunning, pruning and weeding. This responsibility makes you disciplined and gears you up to handle more tough and responsible jobs in life.

If, by any chance your plant dies, don't get discouraged. You can learn from your mistake and take courage to start all over again. It is a form of therapy for you to overcome your fear of failure and start again. A new plant will give you fresh hope and vigor. The plant will nurture your patience when you exercise patience in caring for it. Plant therapy will benefit you as it grows on you.