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These days, we have a patent medicine for everything. One trip to your local drugstore will reveal aisle after aisle of remedies for just about any minor illness humans can experience. Many of these things are expensive and can be easily and effectively replaced with forgotten home remedies. Try these and see if they don’t fix what ails you and save you money as well.

Stomach: For heartburn or indigestion, try one teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water. This is also an effective reliever for gas pain. For stomach flu or nausea, try lemon-lime soda. Make sure it’s not icy cold, room temperature is better as it won’t startle your stomach into cramping.

Cough: For a good homemade cough syrup, mix a tablespoon of honey with a quarter cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of warm water. Adults may also try adding a tablespoon of brandy or whiskey. This is not particularly tasty but it is effective.

Sore Throat: Sooth a sore throat by gargling with one teaspoon of salt mixed in a small amount of warm water. Do not swallow. Repeat as often as necessary.

Headache: Stave off a migraine headache by drinking a high-caffeine beverage as soon as you feel it coming on. Take one aspirin and lie down in a dark room. A cool cloth across the forehead can be soothing as well. A tension headache can be eased with a hot shower, massaging the affected area, or even by brushing your hair.

Rashes: The itch and pain of a rash can be soothed by bathing in cool water with Epsom salts added. Calamine lotion will also easy itching and burning.

Sunburn: Calamine lotion and bathing in cool water with Epsom salts will ease the pain of sunburn. Once the ‘heat’ of the burn is eased, treat the skin with lotion to prevent peeling.

Insect bites: To soothe a bee sting or mosquito bite, apply a light poultice of meat tenderizer mixed with water just to form a paste. Baking soda paste will work as well. Treat swelling with ice.

Muscle aches and pains: Relieve the pain of strained muscles by sprinkling cayenne pepper on the area and wrapping it in a damp towel. The poultice may feel very hot, but will not actually burn your skin. You can also alternate heat and ice packs to soothe pain. Using an alternating temperature fools the brain into not sending pain signals to the affected area.

Minor cuts and burns: Antibacterial ointments are expensive. You can get effective results by treating these minor injuries first by washing them with an antibacterial soap, like Dial or even a dishsoap with an antibacterial agent. Ease the pain of burns and cuts with ice.

There is evidence that using less aggressive approaches to treat common ailments is a good idea. When you use an elephant gun to take down a rabbit, you won’t have decent ammo to take out the elephant when you need to. In other words, using strong solutions to minor problems makes the strong solution less effective against bigger problems. Start small and work your way up to bigger solutions as needed.