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Here are some helpful hints on repelling insects naturally.


Ants won't cross chalk lines, so start drawing! They also dislike baby powder, you can sprinkle some at their points of entry.
Put a small piece of lemon peel in your sugar bowl or try some cucumber peels or orange peels anywhere else you want to keep them from.

To keep ants out of your pet's food dish, put some vaseline around the dish!


Try rubbing a dryer sheet on your arms and legs to prevent bites. Do not use this method on small children.

Well known but worth mentioning, Avon's Skin So Soft oil really works great too!


Bees hate mint, keep a few plants around the house and take sprigs, putting them in a container by your picnic table will help keep them away from your food.


To get rid of fleas in your house: sprinkle all carpets and floors with salt, leave for about a week. The fleas eat the salt and die. Be sure to throw away your vacuum cleaner bags as their eggs will hatch and reinfest.

Safe spray for your pet: try boiling a lemon in a pot of salt water, fill up spray bottle and douse your pet!

Keep some Bactine spray on hand in case of bites, it really makes kids feel better if you put on some 'medicine' when they get bit! Me, I'll be hiding in the screen tent!