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Drugs often contain chemicals that cause adverse side effects over a long-term period. Now, more people are using herbs and home remedies to cure minor ailments to avoid overloading the body with chemicals. Here are some herbal remedies for common ailments conditions.

Instead of taking more chemicals into the stomach, try to soothe the upset organ with relaxing ginger tea. Boil your own with a thumbnail piece of ginger. Add sugar or honey for taste.

If your body is too dry, you may suffer from constipation or experience difficulty in clearing your bowels. A painless and pleasant remedy is to drink prune juice. This provides fast, effective relief. Be wary of drinking more than a glass of this potent juice, though. It may cause the reverse condition of constipation.

If you have a cold, cook a vegetable soup to boost your immune system. Boil lightly a colorful range of different vegetables with garlic and a teaspoon of black pepper. Toss in a couple of tomatoes for a good measure of Vitamin C. The vegetables provide multi-vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system to fight the cold. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties and helps to fight germs and viruses. Black pepper has chemicals to affect your body's metabolism, which will in turn boost the immune system.

Cucumbers and coconut juice are "coolers" because they remove metabolic heat generated in the body. They are excellent thirst quenchers for the parched throat, dry body, or feverish body. They work twice as effectively as plain water alone and do not give you the bloated feeling of drinking too much water.

Insomnia is a common sleeping disorder that may affect people of all ages. Even children may experience difficulty in falling to sleep from time to time. Whenever a person's body clock experiences a change, then the body's internal rhythm or circadian cycles are disrupted. A hot, milky beverage will usually lull you to sleep. Lavender in its dried form or essential oil form is commonly used in aromatherapy to help insomnia sufferers. A few whiffs of the herb sends you to dreamland. It is harmless enough for use with children and babies in the same room. There are also sedative teas like chamomile tea, which relaxes your body to induce sleep.

Herbal rememdies are generally mild, and thus work best at the initial stages of illness. For full-blown illnesses, it is wise to seek medical advice for immediate diagnosis and treatment.