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You have taken medication and that did not work. You have massaged and kneaded those sore muscles, still with no relief. What else can you do?

There is a technique, known as "fold-and-hold" that, when used properly, will possibly stop most muscular aches quicker than it takes medication to work, and certainly in less time than it takes to make an appointment with the doctor. Fold-and-hold does not require drugs, ointments, dietary supplements or special instruments. There are four very simple steps:

1.. Find the tender spot - this might require a little feeling around.
2.. Move your body around until you find a position in which the pain is minimal - this might require you to "fold" one body part over another to reduce tension on the underlying muscle.
3.. Remain in that folded position for 90 seconds - then slowly return to your original position.
4.. Now, gently stretch in the opposite direction.
That should do it. If it doesn't work after three tries, you should probably see a doctor. Of course, if folding and holding makes the pain worse, stop immediately.

The fold-and-hold method seems to be especially helpful for:

a.. Bunions - Twist the big toe under the foot and push toward the center of the foot. Do it yourself or enlist the assistance of another person. Hold and release.
b.. Heel spurs (plantar fascitis) - Fold the bottom of the foot by pushing the heel and toes together. This will probably work easier if someone does this for you as you lie on your stomach. If you want to do it yourself, push the top of your foot against the seat of a chair. Again, hold and release.
As you can see, it's a simple technique that will save you time, won't cost a dime, and might make you feel sublime.