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Chinese medical researchers have found that herbal medicines can delay aging. Aging is caused by the accelerated death of T-cells. These T-cells are responsible for controlling immunity and production of antibodies. Internal and external body parts are aided by a strong immune system to remain healthy and functioning. When T-cells are being eliminated faster then they are replaced, aging of the entire body takes place.

One way of delaying aging is by reducing the number of self-destructive T-cells. To do this, the production of these defective self-destructive T-cells is slowed by slowing down the body's metabolism. This means reducing the food intake.

However, this is a miserable way of delaying aging as the person is constantly hungry and will suffer mood disturbances and other problems.

Using Chinese herbal medicines to boost the immune system, the patient combats chronic illnesses. When there are no illnesses, there is also no premature aging.

The herbs can regulate the body's metabolism without adversely affecting the person's diet. Thus, herbs can be used to decelerate the dermis of T-cells by slowing down the body's metabolism.

The herbs at the center of attention here are actually a mixture of plant extracts from flowers, leaves, bark, roots and berries. By regulating the body's metabolism, the herbs help to reduce symptoms of aging like weak knees, backache, hair loss and weak immunity system.

Being of plant origin, they are organic and these Chinese herbs take time to work. Consumption over a prolonged period is necessary before any changes or improvements can be felt or seen. Chinese herbalists schooled in the traditional herbal medicines use the pulse rate to detect internal body ills and problematic areas to prescribe herbs for medication. The composition and quantity of herbs depend on the specific problem to be treated.

Aging of various organs need different herbs to strengthen and improve their condition. Herbs are dispensed in the dried, processed from to be boiled in specific amounts of water and then drunk. These herbal teas ( or brews or call it whatever you like ) are usually bitter. It is a small price to pay if you want to delay aging.

A controversy that arises from using Chinese herbs is that the herbal components do not have Western counterparts and thus cannot be compared on par with them. Any persons taking either Eastern or Western medications should never mix the two different types of medication together.