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The medicinal benefits and healing properties of the common seasoning, garlic, are remarkable. Known in ancient times to increase the body's strength and energy, garlic is now used as a potent inhibitor of heart disease and hypertension. Research has also confirmed the antiviral, anti-fungal and antibiotic properties of garlic's essential oil, "allicin", together with its other components, potassium, calcium, selenium, and zinc.

Easily digested, absorbed, and diffused to all organs of the body, garlic provides a wide range of therapeutic effects. It lowers bad cholesterol, and with its anticoagulant properties, prevents blood clots from clogging the veins and arteries, thus reducing the risks of arteriosclerosis.

As an antibiotic it is effective in treating ulcers; an a disinfectant, it is fights skin infections and acne; as an anti-fungal, it works against athlete's foot and warts.

Garlic is also an effective preventive remedy for sore throat, colds, coughs, and congestion.

Here are some ways to use garlic as a natural remedy:

To relieve cold symptoms and congestion: Mix 1 ounce of freshly crushed garlic with a cup of honey. Let it sit for about an hour then take 2 tsp. of the mixture to relieve cold symptoms and severe congestion.

To cure athlete's foot and other skin infections: Wrap freshly crushed garlic in a gauze and rub over infected area.

To promote overall health and ward off viral infections: Swallow a clove of garlic at least once or twice a day. To minimize the smell of garlic on your breath and skin, chew fresh peppermint, thyme, or parsley after eating a lot of garlic.