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The only real process to produce true essential oils is by steam distillation. There are a variety of methods used to extract oil from the plants the derive from. There are oils in the market aimed directly for the perfume and food industries. Essential oils used for aromatherapy are the only true essential oils.

The steam distillation is used mostly for aromatherapy essential oils. This process is when the plant material is heated, and the molecules that evaporate into the steam are the molecules that make up a true essential oil.

The carbon dioxide extraction is a technique that uses carbon dioxide to explode the molecules of the plant and release the oil.

Expression is the methods of extraction used for citrus fruits. The oil is squeezed from sacs in the peel and rind of the fruit. The fruit peel can be steam distilled after expression but this produces oil of an inferior quality. Oils produced by expression have a shorter life than steam distilled oils.

Inferior oils are synthetically produced oils and are not successful therapeutic oils.