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The inability to fall asleep is actually considered a symptom of hard to recognize conditions. It is believed by many that insomnia is simply being unable to fall asleep but studies show it involves much more. The inability to sleep through the night, waking up through out the night or waking earlier than you plan to are a part of insomnia. These symptoms may be caused by life style, diet, physical pain, major illness, medications, anxiety, depression, tension or even an uncomfortable mattress.
Although it might be difficult to discover the reason for your sleeplessness, this is the best way to find a cure. Herbs can provide a natural alternative to perscriptions for insomnia. Most sleeping pills and other conventional medicine can result in excessive drowsiness, disorientation, a hangover feeling and even physical dependency. Natural medicine has proved to work with the same effectiveness as chemical medicines but it is very important that you never mix the two.
Studies have shown that valerain is a very effective sleep aid. Biotanicals such as chamomile, kava and passionflower reduce stress and promote relaxation. Melatonin is a synthetic sleep hormone much like the one produced by the body. Nutrient deficiencies can be a key factor in sleep disorders. Calcium, vitamin B and magnesium replenish nutrients drained by anxiety. Chia seeds calm the nerves. Parsley tea is a mild sedative. Skullcap is a nervine and good for the heart. Basil will help strengthen the nerves. Garlic and onions are both powerful sedatives. And if you find you always sleep better after that big Thanksgiving dinner, it is because the turkey is rich in an amino acid called tryptophan which is a natural sleep inducer. Always check your doctor prior to taking herbal preparations.
Other things you can do to help alleviate insomnia include, setting up a regular sleep schedule, avoid caffeine, tobacco or alcohol, exercise regularly, use you bed just for sleeping and take warm relaxing baths before bedtime.