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In order to make soap you will need: glycerine, color, scents, molds, and a system for melting the glycerin.

In order to find these items as cheaply as possible, search through a variety of stores, including on-line businesses, and compare prices. I found glycerine $1 cheaper per pound by doing this. This is a great savings, especially if your in the business to make money not spend it!

As for coloring, scents, and molds, you will discover that you don't have to buy these items from companies that have 100% mark-up.

To color your soap you can use food coloring, as long as you only use a little. (If you use an excessive amount you will end up with soap that dyes not cleanses.)

You can use anything to scent your soap, as long as it is skin safe. Perfume and cologne are two great inexpensive ways that make great smelling soap. (The amount needed to scent one pound is so small that you will definitely be saving money and make many bars of soap.)

As for molds, if you are willing to do a little searching you can save a ton of money. An oval tupperware bowl can be used for round soap, saving upwards of $10. For seasonal and other shaped molds, search your local dollar store, thrift shops and yard sales. Why pay $10 for a Christmas tree mold when you can pay $0.25 for a container that will work just as well?

Companies will try to sell you expensive units to melt your glycerine in. Don't buy them. Use a double broiler. (If you don't have one, take a large pan filled with water and set a smaller pan with your glycerine in it inside the larger one. Once the water starts boiling, your glycerine will melt easily.) I use a crockpot that I picked up at Walmart for $10. (If you search yard sales you can find one cheaper.) Also, some glycerine is microwavable. Use a microwave safe container.

The process for making soap is pretty simple.

#1 Melt glycerine in container of your choice.

#2 Add coloring and scents.

#3 Pour melted glycerine into molds. (Spray molds beforehand with rubbing alcohol to make it easier to pop out finished soap.)

#4 Allow to cool, then pop out and wrap in plastic wrap. (Shrink wrap is the best, but most brands, including syrandwrap, will work.)

To lend a unique appearance to your soap, add minature toys, silk flowers, or most odd and ends to make your soap look great. (This only works with clear glycerine which allows you to see the item inside.)

Making soap is a great business to get into and it doesn't take an excessive amount of work to get it going. Follow these tips and get your own soap business off the ground today.