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In the midst of recent times in this new millennium, I have noticed people are in search of a new way to deal with the stress of everyday life. A new way to feel more connected with their God or Higher Self. I myself have started to meditate for twenty minutes a day and have found it a very beneficial way of reconnecting with my sub-conscious. It really helps me to calm myself down after a stressful day while also clearing the fog that covers my mind after the bombardment of everyday life, then I can begin to think more clearly.

After many years of trying different ways to stay in shape, from jogging to exercise machines to push-ups and aerobics, I have finally found the right routine for me in Yoga, another ancient art-form that calms the nerves while improving your physical well being. Why have I like so many others, made the choice to not use the modern societies way to reconnect, rejuvenate and de-stress by using these methods that have been around for ages. Maybe our forefathers had it right from the beginning.

In these modern times how many of us have learned to return to Holistic forms of medicine in the forms of vitamins, herbs, positive thinking, vibrational healing and acupuncture. Maybe we were all born with the knowledge to instinctively know how to heal ourselves "Mind over Matter". Have we as a society learned to push away what our minds and bodies already know, locked away somewhere in our sub-conscious? I find the more I look to modern solutions for something the more I find my answers in the way of the past. Even in my garden I use organic methods, and the vegetables are grand.

In the search to maintain my weight I've tried just about every option available, besides surgery. Till accepting myself for who I am and just eating more naturally with less red meat and processed foods, while adding more fish, grains, and vegetables and fruits {in moderation}. You find the energy needed to sustain a healthier mind and body. There again going by what our ancestors have known all along.