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Some herbs can help in maintaining youth and health by the action of their chemicals on our bodies. Some of the common herbs used are ginkgo biloba, red clover, soy, bilberry, blueberry and chasteberry.

Ginkgo biloba is used to slow down memory loss due to aging. It is also used to improve blood circulation. This property may be the reason why short-term memory retention is improved as the brain cells receives a good supply of blood and nutrients and retains its working capacity. By this strength, the eyesight, hearing and mental capacity is also greatly aided. However, patients consuming aspirin or other blood thinners should avoid ginkgo biloba as it may interfere with their medications.

Red clover and soy have phytoestrogens. This is the plant equivalent of estrogen. It works in the same way to protect the body against old age diseases. However, these herbs do not carry the risk of side effects like cancer in the uterine. They are good for treating menopause-related symptoms. Red clover is available for consumption in the form of capsules. Soy can be enjoyed in soymilk, tofu, miso, lentils, chickpeas and flaxseed.

Bilberry contains antioxidants that neutralize dangerous free radicals, thus preventing damage and disease in the body. These berries, together with the blueberry and huckleberry, also contain flavonoids, which can reduce hypertension, inflammation and allergic reactions. To avoid self-medication or over-dosage in supplements, try to eat the fresh fruits instead. This may be the most natural way of fighting aging as the antioxidants in these berries help to prevent oxidation or wrinkling of the skin due to the action of the free radicals in the skin cells. The antioxidants also work in the brain to protect it from the harmful action of free radicals. This protects the brain from degenerating with age. An alert brain keeps the body functioning properly and is the best investment you can make for your body.

Chasteberry is also known as Vitex. This herb is good for treating symptoms of menopause like mood swings, hot flushes and night sweats. This is because Vitex acts on the body to manufacture progesterone, which corrects the hormonal balances in the body. Vitex can also reduce premenstrual breast pains. When the symptoms of menopause are treated, the patient does not suffer and she definitely feels better and younger.

Herbs are natural remedies but are equally potent as they contain chemicals. If you are on other medication, you may need to get clearance from your doctor before you do any self-medication with these herbs. Instead of spending a fortune on beauty treatments, why not spend a little on herbs that can help you stay healthier and younger?