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Gemstone therapy is a form of alternative medicine based the idea that gemstones carry certain properties, or vibrations that can be beneficial to the body in varying ways. Some stones may help alleviate a physical ailment, but more commonly, stones are used to help with emotional issues. The methods in which one may use gemstones vary, but each seems to serve their own purpose. Therapy using gemstones is often used in correlation to the chakras, auras, the wearing of jewelry, or usage of touchstones and more.

It is believed that chakras are located at several points through the body; the exact number is debated by tradition. Seven seems to be the common number. Each of these seven chakras are associated with a particular human trait and color. When these chakras fall out of alignment, stress, irritability, and physical illness can set in. By using gemstones associated with a particular color of the chakra, balance can be restored. The person to be treated could lie down, place a stone on the correlating chakra, and rest quietly in order to restore harmony.

Auras are also believed to carry certain properties, and when out of alignment, a particular energy will become deficient. It is believed that gemstones can restore these energies. The process is very similar to chakra gemstone therapy. Examine what property is out of alignment and repair it.

A popular trend is to wear beads around the wrist or neck. You can walk into many stores and find a little basket on the counter full of beaded bracelets with tiger’s eye, amethyst, or about any other stone you could want. You might be experiencing high stress, so wear a hematite ring. Perhaps you need to feel grounded, so wear an amethyst pendant, or carry a touchstone in your pocket. It is no secret that gemstones help us to feel better.

If you are not sure where to begin, look at this short list for an idea of stones and their properties. Do not take the listed properties as absolute. Each person carries their own vibrations that make them unique. What works for one individual may not work for another. Experimentation is the best approach. Take a trip to a lapidary shop and dig through the baskets of stones. Does a particular shape grab you? A particular stone? A color? Through this process, you will discover what brings you joy and balance.

- Amethyst: meditation, healing, protection, holds purple color rays
- Bloodstone: reduces stress, promotes psychic healing
- Emerald: dreams, mediation, tranquility, holds green color rays
- Garnet: grounding and stimulation
- Jade: wisdom, courage, protects, instills courage
- Moonstone: compassion
- Opal: love, carries many of the color rays
- Quartz: purity, grounding, amplifying, channels energy
- Rose: creativity, protection, calming
- Ruby: devotion, integrity, possesses red color rays
- Topaz: inspiration, empathy