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When you breathe in the scent of an essential oil it affects you in many ways. There are various methods of inhaling essential oils.

Steam Method
Inhaling the oils with warm steam in a small space means you get maximum benefits in minimum time. It is ideal for treating coughs or colds or for a skin facial. Place one litre of boiling water in a bowl and add about five drops of essential oil to the surface of the water. Bend forwards over the bowl and drape a large towel over your head to trap the evaporating oils and steam. Inhale the vapors for a few minutes and then add a little more boiling water to evaporate off any remaining essential oil.

Room Vaporizers
You can buy essential oil burners that have a saucer fixed above a stand, which holds a candle. Fill the saucer with hot water, add up to eight drops of essential oil and light the candle to keep the water hot enough to make the oil evaporate. This is a good way to scent a room quickly. Top it up with water and oil every three to four hours.

Room Sprays
For a natural, non-aerosol and highly aromatic air freshener, add ten drops of essential oil to half a liter of water in a pump-action spray bottle. Shake the mixture well before pumping four or five sprays into the air to deodorize, freshen and scent a room.

Make your own pot-pourri by mixing together dried leaves, flowers and herbs with spices, a little talcum powder and your favorite essential oils. The basic mis should contain six cups of dried plants, two tablespoons of talc and twelve drops of essential oils. Leave it in an airtight container, shaking and inverting it daily for a fortnight until the talc and dried materials have absorbed the aromas. Then place it in an open bowl or jar to fragrance a room. Refresh it when needed by adding a few more drops of essential oils.

Wood Fires
Since heat makes essential oils more potent, pour a maximum of twelve drops on three pieces of wood about fifteen minutes before lighting the fire. It will warm and scent your room simultaneously. If you don't have an open fire, a similar effect can be achieved by dropping your favorite essence onto a radiator.