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Color is part of our everyday life but we often overlook how it can affect us. Light has an amazing effect on both our mind and body. Color therapists maintain that it can actually be absorbed not only through the eyes but also through the skin surface through our nerve ends. Too much or too little light can have a definite effect on our physical and mental health. So if light itself can affect our bodies, what about the individual colors that make up light? Tests show that being exposed to certain colors has effect on us psychologically and physically.

A color therapist will usually spend some time talking about the patient's general state of health and their life circumstances. Once the therapist has diagnosed the patient's needs there are various ways in which color and light can be used.

Colored Lights
This is the most traditional method in which white light shone through color filters is directed onto specific parts of the body or over the whole body.

A relatively modern thechnique whereby a small torch fitted with a colored beam is directed onto the relevant acupuncture points on the body.

Solarised Water
A remedy prepared by pouring water into a colored container which is then exposed to sunlight for about two hours before the patient drinks it.

Color Visualisation
The patient is asked to relax and imagine specific colors radiating onto the problem areas of their body.

Certain colored foods will be recommended.

Clothes / Interior Design
Patients are given advice on choosing colors to wear and use at home to help improve their energy levels and general sense of wellbeing.

Aura-Soma Oils
Once patients have selected the bottles which most appeal to them they are asked to massage the oils regularly into specific chakra points on their bodies.

Hy-Co-Jet Bath
This is a specially constructed bath fitted with solored lights. By exposing the body to colored light while in water, the patient is said to more easily absorb the light frequencies over the whole surface of the body.