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The feeling of fatigue, exhaustion and listlessness emanates from the cellular level – when cells become inefficient in generating the energy that the body needs to meet daily activities. This inefficiency, leading to unusual body weakness and fatigue, is often the result of a number of factors: anemia, infections, liver disease, or low blood pressure.

Fatigue can also be due to vitamin and mineral deficiency, insufficient enzymes, or lack of oxygen and poor circulation.

Chronic fatigue should be assessed by health professionals, but there are also a number of natural ways to combat exhaustion and lack of energy.

Healthy Lifestyle

Good nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest periods are still the basic natural remedies for fatigue. Relaxation should be an essential part of your daily routine, as should a balanced diet of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Fruits and Nuts

Sweets are often resorted to when sluggishness or sleepiness abnormally sets in during the day. Unfortunately, sweets can only give a temporary energy boost, then leaves you more fatigued afterwards. Worse, too much of it can tax the pancreas. Get your energy boost from fruits and nuts instead. Munch on small quantities of nuts and dried fruits throughout the day for sustained energy.

Hot and Cold Showers

Try energizing your body with hot and cold morning showers. Alternate hot and cold water in three-minute intervals to stimulate blood circulation.


The body releases a hormone known as melatonin to regulate sleep rhythms. Sometimes the amount and timing does not coincide with the local clock, causing the body to be wide-awake when it’s supposed to be asleep (as in jetlag). This irregularity or the overproduction of melatonin leads to chronic fatigue. To fight this dilemma, take regular walks under the morning sun because light is what triggers the melatonin gland to stop releasing the sleep hormone.


One of the minerals essential for efficient cell activity is manganese. Lack of manganese in the cells makes you weak and irritable. Manganese, available in such foods as pineapple, tofu, sunflower seeds, beans, and blackberries, help provide the required energy for the cells and nervous system.

Check with your doctor before taking Melatonin and Manganese.