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Chamomile tea is the most frequently used form of the herb and is considered to be a general tonic which is especially useful for aiding digestion, quieting tired nerves, soothing inflammation and fighting infection.

Internally it works to relieve and prevent spasms and relieve abdominal gas. It also has diuretic, expectorant, sedative, stimulant and tonic properties. It is also a botanical that can dispel worms. Taken before bedtime it will promote peaceful, deep sleep.

It can also be used externally as a counterirritant liniment for bruises, hemorrhoids, inflammations and sores.

You can buy chamomile tea from most good supermarkets but you can also make your own by boiling chamomile flowers, straining and using the water as tea.

Chamomile may cause allergies in susceptible people because it is a flowering plant. However if you can open a box without suffering allergic symptoms, you have nothing to worry about.