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Road rage is blamed for many accidents occurring in the United States today. To avoid this problem, your first step is spotting it. If you spot a sign of road rage, your best bet is to avoid any problems by letting the other person have their way. All too often, someone has a sense of road rage, then another person retaliates. And this only causes more problems on the road. Here are some common signs of road rage.

• Cutting you off. If someone is swerving between lanes and cuts you off, that's an indication that that person may have a sense of road rage. Your best bet is to back off and let the person have plenty of room and use extra caution when shifting lanes by properly using your turning signals.
• Tailgating. If you are driving slowly in the left-hand lane, be polite and move over into the right-hand lane in order for the person behind you to pass. If you stay in front of that person and are traveling at a slower rate of speed than that person, it may be an indication of road rage. For many people, there is nothing more aggravating than driving behind someone driving slowly in the left-hand lane.
• Don't tailgate. If you tailgate someone, someone may get quite upset with you. No one likes to be followed closely on the road. Tailgating doesn't necessarily make the person ahead of you travel faster. If you back off a bit and relax, you'll get there in plenty of time. And there may soon be an opportunity to appropriately pass the person in front of you.
• Don't gesture to others on the road. If you want to avoid road rage, don't use obscene gestures on the road and don't shake your fist or point at another driver while you pass him. Also don't yell at another driver. Even if he can't hear you, he can still see your lips move and know what you're saying–or at least realize that you are angry. Avoid road rage by simply minding your own business while driving.
• Get help. If you see road rage happening on the road, call the police. Drivers utilizing road rage techniques are often breaking traffic laws. And you don't want that driver to end up injuring himself or others.

Another thing to consider is what happens legally to those caught in road rage. Depending on what ultimately happens in the road rage event, you could find yourself charged with a misdemeanor or a felony and even could wind up in jail! Many police officers and highway patrol officials actually patrol the roads on the look out for road rage violators, and they aren't afraid to pull them over.