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Green tea was highly valued as a powerful medication for centuries. In recent years, scientific evidence has confirmed the health benefits of green tea.

Green tea is from the same plant as black tea, the difference being that it is not fermented. However, green tea, like black tea, does contain caffeine.

Research indicates that the polyphenolic compounds in green tea may act as a preventative against the onset of a variety of illnesses. Polyphenolic compounds are powerful antioxidants. Amassed date from several research laboratories worldwide shows convincing evidence that these antioxidants in green and black tea have remarkable cancer preventive effects on a variety of animal tumors.

Green tea is believed to prevent cancer. In Japan, where green tea is consumed on a regular basis , there is a significantly lower rate for all types of cancer, especially cancer of the stomach, esophagus and liver.

Green tea restricts the increase of blood cholesterol. HDL, the good cholesterol prevents atherosclerosis and must exist with the bad cholesterol, LDL, in proper balance for good health. Green tea catechins restrict the excessive buildup of the bad cholesterol.

Green tea helps control high blood pressure. High blood pressure contributes to atherosclerosis. The catechin in green tea can prevent a rise in blood pressure.

There is evidence that green tea suppresses aging. Green tea fights cavities because it suppresses the formation of plaque, and kills the bacteria that causes it. Green tea also kills oral bacteria and prevents bad breath, as a result.

Green tea deters food poisoning because it has the ability to kill bacteria. And green tea fights viruses. It has already been shown that green tea catechin can inactivate the influenza virus.

Green tea is available in extracts and capsules.

Make green tea a daily habit. It’s a healthy beverage!