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Carrier oil is base oil, used when essential oils are used for massages or are going to come in contact with the skin. Essential oils, in these cases, will need to be diluted into base oil or carrier oil.

Only good quality vegetable oils should be used as carrier oils. Second oil may be richer, and can also be added to a blend. There are several vegetable oils available.

Wheat germ oil is rich in protein and in vitamins B and E. It is used in massages. Do not use wheat germ oil if you have a wheat allergy.

Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, B, and D all of these vitamins are good for skin problems. This is good oil to use if you are unable to use the wheat germ oil.

Jojoba oil is not oil, but rather a wax from fruit of the desert plant simmondsia chinensis. The wax is useful as a base for hair oils. This can be used for cradle cap and other dry skin problems.

Soya oil is very nourishing and easily absorbed oil. It will also work well for people who cannot use wheat germ oil. Soya oil can be used in a massage for Acne sufferers.

Remember when using essential oils, they should never be used as neat oils on the skin, unless during first aid, applied directly on wasp stings, a deep cut, a burst pimple or the prevention of bruises.