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Acne, by definition, is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting skin structures, especially the face, back and chest. It usually occurs from early teens to mid-twenties but in some cases can continue for much longer. Far too often youths or their parents are tempted to go out and buy the latest chemical concoction that claims it is the new answer against acne. This article aims to show that there are various alternative remedies for acne and will focus on diet and herbal aids.

Because acne is basically a result of poor diet, changing to a good diet must be seen as one of the alternative remedies available to us. The regular consumption of fatty and processed foods, too often lacking in vitamins, can put an unwanted strain on the body leading to acne. To remedy this begin by replacing hydrogenated oils, such as margarine, with natural ones such as olive oil. Drink lots of water every day, preferably mineral water. This flushes any unwanted pollutants out of your body. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, especially carrots, spinach, celery and watercress, provide the necessary vitamins to combat acne. This simple change to diet is one of the alternative remedies often ignored by acne sufferers.

Blood purification is another of the alternative remedies open to us and this can be facilitated with the help of herbal aids. One of these herbal aids is Red Clover tea. This cleanses the blood that is travelling to the pores in the skin, preventing acne from occurring. Carrot juice and watercress also help to purify the blood. Check with your doctor before taking any herbal supplements.

Herbal aids can be used as an astringent on the skin, that is, they can make the body tissues contract. Witch hazel mixed with a little apple juice is a good choice, as is aloe vera.

Using the sun in conjunction with herbal aids is another of the alternative remedies. The sun is rich in vitamin D, which is good for the skin. Imbibing an herbal tea beforehand can help, because it provides moisture for the body.

So next time you plan on rushing to the shop for that acne cream think about some of the alternative remedies such as herbal aids that are open to you.