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Quitting smoking is a very difficult task to undertake. Nicotine has been proven to be an addictive drug, therefore it takes more than willpower to overcome your addiction. You must be physically strong to stop smoking as well. However, if you feel you lack one of these qualities or don't know where to start as the first step to quitting then the key is to focus your attentions elsewhere.
It is important to remember that there are many steps to take in quitting cigarettes, not just one. If one method does not work out for you, do not automatically assume that you are incapable of quitting. The key is to try all the methods possible, and it is almost guaranteed that you will find one that will work for you. Whatever you do, do not give up!
Everyone has heard that if you are busy with one thing you usually tend to forget other things on your mind. This idea applies to quitting smoking as well. Involve yourself in different projects and begin working on them whenever you feel the urge to smoke. If you feel you need to smoke to relax, take up a hobby such as drawing, gardening, or exercising. The point here is to get yourself so thoroughly involved in your various activities, that you forget about or reduce your urge to smoke.
Another method that usually works in quitting cigarettes is to avoid them! Avoid environments or situations where people will be smoking. Stop buying cigarettes or carrying the ones you have left over with you. Ask your friends not to smoke around you and walk away from situations where you see people smoking. It will always help to quit if you do not have access to or a situation that provokes smoking cigarettes.
Some people have also taken informative classes on quitting smoking. They've thoroughly educated themselves about the consequences of smoking and the negative effects that smoking has on the people around you and most importantly, to your own body. One of these classes may offer a session where they enclose you in a room and make you smoke so many cigarettes in such little amount of time, that you cannot bear to look at cigarettes any longer from the horrible reaction you had to them.
Others decide to use moderation as a key to quit smoking instead of taking it on all at once. People begin by using the patch and chewing gum. Eventually you will reduce the hours you are using the patch and begin simply chewing more gum, to replace the oral fixation you may unconsciously have with cigarettes.
Taking one of these steps should help you in quitting smoking. However, quitting is sometimes not an overnight thing for all of us. Some people get very sick due to withdrawals, while others do not experience any sickness. Just do not give up and start quitting!