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Regaining good health requires effort. This doesn't have to be unpleasant, but should rather be seen as an interesting process of getting to know yourself. However, some people have trouble with this concept of changing to become well. They don't want to feel deprived of their cherished after-dinner drink, chocolate splurges, Sunday afternoon ice creams, cigarettes, or Porterhouse steaks. Some argue that life is only lived once and is meant to be enjoyed, so why give up bad habits? Others are afraid to give up habits that they perceive as lifeboats on the rough sea of life. To be honest, if these thoughts stand in your way of changing to become well again, perhaps it is time to take a long, hard look at your life, your personal priorities, and ask yourself how much longer you really want to live.

Getting back to nature is one of the most important and profound steps a person whose life is out of balance can take. The first step to regain complete health is to remove toxins from the body. A simple, yet effective 6-day diet cleans the body from the inside. If you start this diet, stick to it. When the cells in your body, of which you have millions, are clogged up with acid, sugar, and toxins you have no energy, you don't sleep well, your complexion is bad, your eyes are dull, you suffer from aches and pains, you're nervous and irritable, and you feel indifferent - everything seems wrong. While many individuals are not sick enough to take to their beds, they are 'vertically ill', which in short means that they reject signs of ill health. Many regard their condition as 'normal' because everyone around them echo similar utterances of ill health: everyone has allergies, chronic fatigue, headaches, lack of energy, digestive and respiratory disorders, and a variety of emotional states such as depression, mood swings, stress and anxiety.

Health is much more than the absence of disease: in order to be healthy, all our bodily systems must function in harmony. The sensible and logical thing to do is to clean out your body, not just the bowels but the cells. By purging these cells, the body rids itself of accumulated toxic material. But how? By following a simple 6-day cleansing diet, filling your body with nature's life-giving foods - fruits and vegetables, that contain precious vitamins and minerals your body needs to heal itself. When a sufficient amount of these live substances reach the cells of your body, there will be a flushing and cleansing such as you never experienced before. You will eliminate toxic material that has been stored inside your body for years - toxic material that has robbed you of your vitality. When your system is thoroughly cleansed, you will undergo a marvelous transformation. You'll have plenty of energy, a clear complexion, you will sleep more soundly, aches and pains will disappear, your nerves will be at ease and you will feel so good that life will be a joy. Please check with your health care provider if such a diet is safe for you.

Breakfast is the same for each of the six days. Fifteen minutes before you are ready to eat breakfast, squeeze the juice of one lemon in a medium glass of hot water and drink it. The rest of the meal consists of 250 ml of fruit juice (orange or grape), 5 level tablespoons of cottage cheese, 250g fresh fruit - you can eat only one kind of fruit or combine fruits in a salad (no bananas or avocados). You may drink one cup of tea, with milk and sugar if desired. Between breakfast and lunch you should drink all the vegetable broth (recipe provided) as you can hold. Also eat fresh raw fruit. Make a large quantity of the vegetable broth and store in the refrigerator.

To make vegetable broth, dice 7 carrots and 1 small bunch of celery into small pieces. Place in 2 quarts water and boil for 15 minutes. Add one-third bunch of fresh parsley and a large handful of fresh spinach. Flavour with tomatoes, green peppers or garlic. Boil 10 minutes more. Drain off the broth, retaining the fluid. Flavour with salt of onion. This recipe makes about one day's supply. It can be used hot or cold. The purpose of this broth is to flush the system, so drink lots of it during the 6 days. It's loaded with minerals.

Lunch for each of the 6 days: Drink two cups of vegetable broth during the meal. Make a salad by chopping fresh, raw vegetables in a bowl. Use four from the following list: Asparagus, beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, celery, green peppers, lettuce, onions, pumpkin, spinach, squash, tomatoes. For dessert, slice fresh fruit and serve with drizzle of honey. You may drink a small glass of fresh milk if desired. Between lunch and dinner drink all the vegetable juice you desire and eat all the fresh fruit you want.

Dinner for each of the 6 days: Drink two cups of vegetable broth during the meal. Select two or three of the different kinds of vegetables listed and steam-cook them with a little butter. Eat a generous helping of each. Eat a medium slice of whole-wheat bread with butter. For dessert, eat a fresh fruit salad. If you feel hungry after dinner, eat as much fresh fruits as you want and drink vegetable juice.

What to expect from this diet: At the end of the first day, you may feel slight discomfort by having changed your regular mode of eating, but this is natural. About the third or fourth day the bowels and kidneys will begin to move freely and much toxic waste will be eliminated. You may experience headache and perhaps nausea but do not become alarmed. Nature is merely cleansing your body. These symptoms are quite natural and to be expected. About the fifth day, you will begin to feel a surge of energy. Your general well being will begin to improve and colour returned to your complexion, your eyes will begin to brighten, and you will feel wonderfully healthy. Continue on the diet until the end of the sixth day. From now on, follow a balanced diet with health giving whole foods, fresh fruit and vegetables.