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Tanning beds can be dangerous if you use them unwisely. But, they can also be beneficial if used properly. In order to use a tanning bed properly, follow these guidelines:

Always wear protective eyewear. Though protective eyewear can give you slight white circles around your eyes, this is much better than the consequences involved if you don't wear the eyewear. The lights in a tanning bed are damaging to the retina in your eyes.

Never stay in a bed over twenty minutes. If it is a ten minute bed, don't stay in more than ten minutes. You MUST follow the guidelines set forth by the owner's manual. Tanning beds have a time limit for a reason. If you stay inside too long, it can cause severe damage, both short term and long term. It can 'cook' your internal organs and cause irrepairable damage and in some cases death. If you stay in a tanning bed too long on a regular basis, your skin suffers the consequences. It can become wrinkled and leathery. You may even have problems with extreme dryness or other skin disorders. Studies are still being performed in this area. It is beneficial if you keep up-to-date on the latest information available.

As well, there are also several advantages to using a tanning bed. Doctors are now recommending usage to patients who suffer from arthritis. The heat from the bulbs helps relieve the agonizing pain. As well, doctors also recommend usage to patients with skin disorders to help prevent outbreaks.

Of course, there is also the benefit of a great tan! If used wisely, tanning beds can be safe. But, if used foolishly, they can become deadly.