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Imagine a fruit that can be a therapeutic remedy for all these ailments: heartburn, insomnia, asthma, nausea, arthritis, sore throat, sunburn, canker sores, nosebleed, gastric disorders, gout, and liver problems. This all-around natural remedy is the lemon.

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C -- one lemon can supply as much as 33 percent of an average person's daily requirement. Its astringent properties helps draw body tissues together, giving relief from nosebleed, mouth and throat lesions, sunburn, and minor wounds. As a disinfectant, it helps cleanse minor wounds and lesions. The acid in lemon juice also aids in digestion, stimulates appetite, and helps the body absorb iron and calcium from foods.

Lemon peel, on the other hand, contains essential oils such as alpha terpinene, alpha pinene, and beta pinene, which stimulate the flow of lymph fluids, relax blood vessels, and reduces inflammations, thus relieving cramps and joint and nerve pains in cases of gout and arthritis.

Lemon leaves are also infused to lower fever, relieve asthma symptoms, reduce stress, and cure insomnia.

Here are some ways to use lemon as a natural remedy:

To relieve sunburn: Dilute lemon juice and dab gently with a cotton ball to sunburned skin.

To relieve joint pains and cramps: Scrape the yellow peel of a lemon and rub gently onto aching joints and muscles. Hold the peel in place with a bandage and let it work its healing effect for an hour or two.

To relieve sore throat: Dilute lemon juice with a cup of hot water and gargle three times a day.

To reduce fever and induce sleep: Steep 3 tsp. of dried lemon leaves in a cup of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Drink a cup of this tea twice a day. For a restful sleep, drink a cup an hour before bedtime.

To relieve cough and asthma symptoms: Sweeten a cup of lemon leaves tea with 1 tsp. of honey and drink as needed to loosen phlegm.