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Sensitive teeth refers to the condition that pain is felt whenever you consume something very sweet, sour or cold. This problem is due to the gums receding from the roots of the teeth. The exposed nerves give you the sensation of discomfort when extremes like sweet, sour or cold touch them. Sensitive teeth are also known as dentin hypersensitivity, can be overcome by changing to a sensitivity toothpaste. Another technique is to find its causes and exercise the preventive measures to avoid triggering sensitive teeth.

Taking care of gums to avoid the condition of receding gums helps to put a stop to the sensitive teeth condition. Receding gums are caused by many factors. Brushing teeth with too much pressure removes gum tissues and exposes the roots of the teeth. Hard bristled toothbrushes also wear out the gums. Toothpastes that are abrasive in nature will also wear out the gums. Habitual, constant chewing of hard objects or food will also wear out gums.

Poor oral hygiene causes plaque to build up to harden into tartar. This tartar causes gingivitis which is responsible for receding gums. Consumption of acidic food wears away enamel and exposes the roots and nerves. All these are conditions leading to sensitive teeth are preventable by practicing good dental habits and following the tips in this article.

If you already have sensitive teeth, it is best to seek advice and treatment from your dentist. He may recommend a sensitivity toothpaste. This type of toothpaste works to desensitize the teeth. If serious pain is felt, it is good to use sensitivity toothpaste that contains strontium chloride. This covers the gaps in the exposed roots so that any offensive or cold stimuli will not touch the teeth's nerves.

Another type of sensitivity toothpaste works for mild pain to moderate pain. This toothpaste contains potassium nitrate that works on the nerves and thus relieves the pain. The potassium component has the property of making the tooth nerve less sensitive to pain triggers.

These toothpastes help to relieve pain and slow down the progression of receding gums. the main weapon against sensitive teeth is still good dental hygiene and proper toothbrushing techniques.