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Do you feel sluggish, rundown, or tired? If you do and your overall health is good, then you need to try some tips to revitalize your body!

Note: If you haven't had a check-up by your doctor or health professional recently, you should. It pays to take care of your body.

Do you get enough sleep? Experts report that the average American is sleep deprived." This means we are trying to make our bodies operate efficiently without enough sleep and rest.

Tip #1- Shut off the television an hour earlier tonight and spend that extra hour in bed. Your body and mind might just thank you for it! If you fall asleep quickly, and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, those are sure signs that your body has been needing some extra sleep.

Or, if you are able to during the day, take a 10-15 minute nap. This is a quick, natural way to revitalize your weary mind and body. Don't nap for too long, though. If you do, you might fall into a deeper sleep. If that happens, instead of feeling refreshed after your nap, you will feel groggy instead.

If you are getting enough sleep, but still lack the energy you need, then try this tip:

Tip #2- Take a fifteen minute jog or brisk walk. This will increase the amount of oxygen going into your lungs as well as the blood flow throughout your entire body! This walk will work your muscles-your most important one being your heart- and help to increase your metabolic rate too.

Drinking a cup of coffee helps some people "pep" up, and sugar is a popular additive. Do you use sugar in your coffee? Drink alot of regular soda pop? Snack on candy when you need a lift? True enough, sugar sends our blood sugar soaring into the upper range which causes us to feel a "lift." This "lift" is only short-lived, though, because our blood sugar then drops drastically and actually can "bottom out." It's at that point that you feel very tired, lacking energy and mental clarity.

Tip #3- Drink the coffee, but try leaving out the sugar. Also, try drinking diet soda to avoid those "sugar blues." If your taste buds don't like the taste, then keep drinking regular soda, but at least cut down your daily comsumption of it.

Still thirsty? Drink more water. Water is necessary for your body to function properly. Eight glasses a day is the recommended amount of daily consumption.

Tip #4- Do you take a daily multi-vitamin? This is an excellent way to add needed vitamins and minerals into your body. Without enough iron, for example, your body can become anemic. This rundown condition can be avoided by taking vitamins with iron and eating plenty of iron-rich foods from the basic food groups.

Finally, a quick pick-me-up for your tired eyes:

Tip #5- Soak two tea bags with cool tap water. Squeeze enough water out of the bags so they are not dripping wet, but don't squeeze them dry. Sit back in a comfortable chair and cover your closed eyes with the bags. Rest for a few minutes and enjoy the cool revitalization now taking place.

This "tea break" will cool and enhance your entire body!

If you don't drink tea, then you can substitute thick slices of cucumber. Be sure the cucumber has been kept in the refrigerator or other cool place before using it.

These tips are just a few ways in which you can re-energize your tired body. Try one or all of them and start to feel more energetic in no time!