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If you enjoy drinking red wine, there's good news. Red wine is actually good for you. We're not recommending you go out and drink a bottle of red wine every night, but if you drink a glass of wine every day, you actually can improve your health.
There's increasing evidence to this effect. Study after study is showing that drinking a glass of red wine every night helps you live longer and have a more enjoyable life. The facts are that wine counteracts the fats in your diet. If you eat a high amount of fat, perhaps you should consider drinking red wine. Red wine helps reduce the problems associated with high fat diets.
This concept is fairly new to Americans, who are used to thinking that alcohol is not good for us. But ever since a French scientist brought the findings of one of his studies to the United States, more and more Americans have become believers. His study of French people found that in his country people have stronger, healthier hearts because they drink red wine. Since this scientist's findings, health departments and doctors across the United States have found similar effects that red wine has on humans. But it's important that Americans limit their wine intake to not much more than one glass of red wine per night. If you drink more than that, you may put your body at risk for some cancers and high blood pressure.
What causes red wine to be so successful in reducing your risk of heart disease? Red wine raises your body's level of good cholesterol. Red wine causes your body to create good cholesterol which helps clean your arteries of the bad cholesterol particles that have attached themselves to the insides of your body and may be clogging your veins.